Late at night, my boyfriend texted me. He couldn’t sleep and felt a bit down. The reason?  This:


The Dream Bike. The one thing he can’t get and also the one thing he wants the most. I don’t know a person who ever wants something so bad that it makes them stay awake until 4 am. The reason this bike is so hard to get is because this one of the rarest BMW bikes. We’ve been hunting this bike for months with no luck (which drives him crazier). Generally, my boyfriend is a happy guy. Simple things can please him and he’s easy to please. Although he’s an artist, it’s really surprising how mainstream things he likes. He doesn’t like movies that require you to think in a contemporary plot. He doesn’t like to read if the texts don’t come with illustration. He doesn’t like song that released before he was born. In short words, he’s everything I’m not.

But his obsession with this bike is anything but mainstream. Before I date him, I don’t know BMW makes motorcycle, but now, I can tell you which ones are prewar and post-war bikes, which one is BMW and which one is Norton, which ones are the rarest and which ones are commonly found. To the point that I can appreciate the beauty of an antique motorcycle. (!)

I don’t know if I have an obsession and it’s kind of bug me. I want to have something I can obsessed with and I want to feel disturbed if I can’t get my hands on it. Until I realized, I do have an obsession on something!

How The World Works

How The World Works


Children’s Book!

I have so many of them and now I understand the guilty feeling of why I keep buying this types of books when there are no children under 12 in our house. I love, love, love picture books. I spend an entire night just browsing and googling for pictures books and adding to my amazon’s cart books I want to buy.  I know names of illustrators, even the famous and already deceased ones.

My boyfriend complains how I talk about picture books too often (comes from someone who has trouble sleeping because of a bike, I completely ignore him) and I have this short list (okay, long) what books I have to add to my collection. Recently, I just add one of William Joyce’s book to my shelf. I can’t wait to take picture and write about each book I have on this blog!