Children Book : The Usborne Little Book of Fairy Stories

My sister bought this book years ago and I always love the illustrations. Tiny people who looked so British with two dots for their eyes and all of them were neatly water-colored.  In The Usborne Little Book of Fairy Stories you can find many short stories about fairies and magic. It was small enough to be put inside a handbag and the stories weren’t so brief that you would finish it in 3 minutes. It was really enjoyable to read.

The illustrator, Stephen Cartwright  (1947 -2004) was a British Illustrator who had illustrated more than 150 books. When I brought this to my work, one of my friend instantly realized  Stephen Cartwright’s work (she had one of his illustrated book too). We spent half an hour flicking through this mini fairy book and admiring the illustrations.

mini fairy 17

mini fairy 1

mini fairy 4

mini fairy 3

mini fairy 14

mini fairy 13

mini fairy 10

mini fairy 8

mini fairy 16

mini fairy 11

mini fairy 12

mini fairy 2

mini fairy 5

mini fairy 6

mini fairy 7

mini fairy 15