Hi, there.

My name is Chita and I’m an English as a Second Language teacher. I studied art and design for my bachelor degree, as well as my master. Then I got bored with design and decided to take teaching seriously, I had done it before but voluntary. I must say that was the best decision I’ve ever made.


I have two Pomeranians, one named Lulu and she’s my baby. I know it’s wrong to pick favorite, but since the beginning Lulu has always been my dog, and Brenda is my sister’s.

Mi perro, Lulu

I work with wonderful people at my office, they come from different backgrounds and sharing their views is always a fun thing to do. I met my best friends, Achie (currently working for British Council in Ukraine) and Ophelia (the queen of grammar). My buddy, Rob (a British nerdy guy, who surprisingly, has a fan base consisting teenage girls students), Sam (an American-Indian mixed with some Alien genes, who always surprises us) and other bunch who just so unique it’ll take the whole page to tell.

our usual saturday afternoon late lunch-early dinner after work, Rob and Ach

But of course, my students are the main reason why I love this job so much. They’re so handful, different, demanding, crazy, unpredictable and weird in a good way. 🙂 I’m so proud of them.

my class on a project, making strawberry smoothies. 🙂

When I’m tired, I always know this one spot where I can be whatever I want to be (cranky, bitchy, demanding self) and only one person fits enough to be my emotional punch bag, my boyfriend Hendra. He’s a working artist that goes by rule: no artist should be poor. His work ethics sometimes amaze me, and so does mine – amazes him. Our friends say that we’re just so alike, well this is a secret, but he can be bitchy sometimes, too. If you want to check his works (because bitchy or not, I’m so proud of him), check his web : pramuhendra.com his latest solo exhibition was held in Perrotin, Hong Kong.

Hendra in his studio.

When I’m not teaching, I read and write. I published a book once upon a time, but hasn’t found enough willingness to write another one, instead I keep updating my blog with random things that interest me. I must say that blogging is an interesting experience for me, once you post something in the Internet, you are expected to receive all these comments or reactions from your writing. I’ve found many good friends from this blog and some that hate me for what I’m thinking. I learn to be okay with it. 🙂 Stay calm and keep blogging.


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