Feed your fear

The first time I started watching this series, I had a little doubt. Would this Hannibal be as good as Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal? I must say, I can’t picture Hannibal and not see Hopkins as the character. Mads Mikkelsen is Hannibal, and I don’t know whether it is the tone of the series, the high-pitched soundtrack, the brutality of the scenes, the dialogs between the actors, the philosophies spoken, the beauty of Hannibal’s cooking, but this Hannibal is definitely not Anthony Hopkins’.

It is still the same, but I didn’t picture Hopkins at all when Mikkelsen is on screen. Although based on Thomas Harris, ‘Red Dragon’, there are still some differences. For instead, Freddy Lounds is a woman in the series, and Will Graham is way more disturbed than the one in the movie. All in all, I enjoyed this series (just finished watching the second season) although some fans might have objections of the plot, but they are still okay for me.

note: I fast forwarded some of the scenes because they were way too disturbing. so, probably not for the faint hearted. But I enjoyed every scenes when Hannibal cooked, in a weird way, they made me hungry!! They were just beautiful!


cunning, I love it.


like House, his mouth need to be schooled

But I love both of them. Their smart witty harsh sarcastic sometime racist dialogue in the series makes it more interesting and hilarious.

The Series

for you out there who’s not yet watch this series, please do yourself a favor and have some fun (by watching it).