Which Story Do You Prefer?

Growing up, for a very practical reason, my mother sent me to a catholic school. I spent my first 6 years in formal education in an environment that was new an also alien to me. Being in a Muslim family and live in a country where the majority of its people are moslems, I have never been the minority, but I was in that school. In a class with 40 students, I was the only Muslim and one of the few Javanese. Most of my friends are catholic and Indonesian-Chinese.

I don’t think my mother thought about how environment shapes a child’s personality especially in the early age, the sole-reason she put me there was because the school was famous for its discipline. Thank God for her. I learned the Sign of The Cross, Our Father and Hail Mary before I can read Qur’an and Al-Fatihah. I went inside a church before I stepped inside a mosque and I joined a mass before I did jama’ah. My family has never been a conventional muslim and my father, being smart and always questions thing, was born to be a liberal in any religion. While my mother, she’s so sane and practical that she doesn’t question things but rather does what it’s right by logic.

Logically, she realized that I needed Islamic education so she sent me to a near-by mushola to learn how to read Arabic and then sent a private tutor to teach me how to read Qur’an and basic Islam ed. Religion for me was something really funny back then. They want the same thing but they do it in different ways. I spent 6 years in that Catholic school and I don’t know about discipline that my mother aimed, but I learnt something better. We were clueless at the beginning, each of us. Religion-wise and social-wise. We were shaped by what has been there for hundred of years, by something traditional, by something that even to our parents and great-great grandparents considered ancient and sacred. So we accepted it without further questions.

But how you accept something when you have two inputs and each of it says that they’re the right one? I kept finding things that made no sense at all from both sides. I was a quiet child when I grew up and I let my mind wander about God and religions. My Qur’an mentor said that I shouldn’t be thinking too much about God, because it’s beyond us. But in my school symbols of God were everywhere. It was so strange how little they know of each other and how easy it was to know each other too. They were afraid of each other, I guess.

Now, I have a Catholic boyfriend who questions his own religion with his own way. We were watching Life of Pi after I got back from Jakarta and both of us found it really funny how young Pi questions Gods and religions in a very naive way. Pi did something that was so brave, that maybe most of us were afraid to do. He questioned Gods and religions, openly. He also made a brave choice, he chose to believe in all of them. And then when he was tested, he knew that what mattered most was his faith.

I like the last part when Pi asked the writer, which of the stories of his journey that he chose. The writer said the one with the tiger, because he likes it better. Then Pi said, and so it goes with God.

I guess I realized it too when I was sitting inside the church and when I put my forehead on the floor inside a mosque.

I’ve chosen mine.


Skyfall, visited

Spoiler Alert! 

Last night finally we watched the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. Before Daniel Craig, I wasn’t into 007 movies. Pierce Brosnan looks surreal as a 007, I think. It just seemed unreal that an agent can still look that good in the middle of gun battle. But Daniel Craig has given me new way to look at James Bond. He just gave sexy the whole new meaning. Casino Royale blown me away, I fell in love with Bond since that movie, although I have to say Quantum Solace wasn’t really my cup of tea.

Anyway, I’d been hearing lots of buzzes about the new movie and had to wait for 5 days before we actually went and saw it, due to the absence of my boyfriend to his home town. “Skyfall” surely sounds like something terminal, like ‘this is it’, but it wasn’t like that at all. The villain in this movie, played by Javier Bardem, was a lunatic who felt betrayed by M and did everything in his power to punish M. (The reason : he spent 5 months as a prisoner in China and when he decided to kill himself, the cyanide didn’t kill him, but his jaw melted resulting his revolting look if the synthetic gum was taken out from his mouth). During his capture, he realized : wait, why nobody saved me? oh I know, M gave me up! She betrayed me! (While actually, he did something wrong to cause that).

So the aim of James’s actions is to save M. Not the world. The idea I think was to stir James’s faith as an agent, whether should he believe M as his superior or shouldn’t he. But that would be too much problem, of  course he shouldn’t doubt her, and all the way he didn’t show any doubt toward M’s decisions. He didn’t do anything annoying like having a phase of self-doubt and starting to doubt M or the government, thank God.

Daniel Craig was the agent, who didn’t doubt himself or his faith, and didn’t make the whole movie was about himself. That what agent should do right? They work in the shadows as M put it.This was a great simple movie and for once, I saw a blockbuster whose villains didn’t have ambition to own the world.

Javier Bardem was brilliant, he sure looked like a lunatic (who wouldn’t be? tortured days and nights for 5 months?) and he was one of the Bond’s villains that stood up. I think he was more suitable for Batman’s villain, he reminded me of Joker in some ways.

Another surprising thing, there was no noticeable Bond girls in this movie. If you count agent Eve and Severine  yes you get two beautiful women, but  I don’t think they have the same portion as Eva Green in Casino Royale to get the title Bond Girls. Anyway, Berenice Marlohe looked stunning in her evening gown during drinks with Bond.

I like the scene when Bond disarmed and beat his opponent, Patrice. The background was Shanghai city light and the whole scene was astonishing, it was really smart and took advantage of the city most famous for: its lighting. Another scene was when Bond and M traveled to Scotland to visit Skyfall, it was so grim and bleak, I loved it so much. Other scene was opening of the movie, with Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ and the surrealist scenes. Loved it.

No gadgets and out-of-this-world technology you can find in this movie, instead it was actually used the technology men have been using for years: radio. (I loved Q!). For you who hasn’t seen this, go for it.

In The Loop

I remember Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s early days, he starred in ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’ with the late Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. Then he came back as Summer’s lover in ‘500 Days of Summer’. Next, he’s everywhere. He was in The Inception and The Dark Knight Rises as Robin, he then was a bike messenger in ‘Premium Rush’ and the latest was an assassin in ‘Looper‘ along with Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.


Loopers are assassins who kill people from the future. When people in the future want to get rid of someone, they send them to the past, where Loopers will take care of them, including getting rid of the bodies. Sometimes, the syndicate who hires them want to get rid of the Loopers, they send the future  Loopers back to the past to be killed by the present looper itself, this called ‘closing the loop’. If a Looper fails to kill their future self, the syndicate will hunt them down until they get both of them (the future and the past). Usually, most Loopers accept their fate, when they kill their future self, it means they get 30 years before their time comes, they are paid extremely well and they can do whatever they want to do after  their loop is closed.

But the problem is, the future Looper of Joe (Bruce Willis), refuse to die. He fights back and wants to kill the person in the future, The Rainmaker, who kill all the Loopers in the future. This causes present Joe a big trouble. Future Joe idea is to win his live is to kill the young Rainmaker, and present Joe does everything to take future Joe down.

What interesting about this movie is, aside from its plot, it’s the casts. Besides its main casts, I love how Paul Dano actually steals some early scenes and Emily Blunt as a though single mother, and of course the little freaky kid, Cid (played by the genius Pierce Gagnon). During most of Cid’s scenes, I’m amazed how he stirs the audiences’ emotion, sometimes he’s funny, innocent, and then, a maniac.


There are so many interesting characters as the movies goes on but they never appear in one big scene together, that’s the good thing about this movie. The story is complex but the story line makes it easy to digest.


*Spoiler Alert!*

After had watched it, I had a short discussion with Rob. On this movie, future Joey had fallen in love with a woman and he believed that she was the one that saved his life. He was a mess, a junkie and a killer who was a brand new man because of his wife’s love. His wife was killed by The Rainmaker’s men and he decided he’d go the past to kill the little Rainmaker so he wouldn’t make any trouble in the future. On Rainmaker’s birthday there were two other kids who were born on the same day, same hospital, so future Joe decided to kill all those 3 kids one by one.

I was a bit shocked when Joe actually killed the first kid. Rob told me that there was a rule in Hollywood that if a character does something against the morality (like killing children) he has to die in the movie. They were actually written rule about it, up until 1960s. They didn’t have it anymore but Hollywood still doing it, it’s kind of moral obligation to the viewers. But Looper is not the typical superhero movies, from the beginning Joe is a bad guy. He even didn’t hesitate to kill his future self so he can buy 30 years in peace. The future Joe -who killed a child- also gained sympathy because he did it in the name of love. At the end of the movie, present Joe killed himself, so the bad/good guy was dead.

Interesting how this movie made the audience actually sympathized with the bad guys, but then it’s Hollywood typical we’ve known. Godfather, Scarface, the TV Series Dexter. If there’s one world where we can justified killing, it’s movie.


I just watched this. Hendra insisted on watching this one but I never really like this chronicles before, but since we watch almost all the movies available there (except “The Changi Ghost” which I doubt will beat Narnia) so we pick this. Turns out, I love it! The special effect was amazing (though we didn’t watch it in 3d due to his headache) the storyline was good and I love Eustace, Edmund and Susan’s cousin who at the first part of the movie kinda remind me of Harry Potter’s uncle with his constant complaints and his attitude toward all magical things, but he’s the narrative of this movie and become some kind of scene stealer. FYI, as far as I remember, I didn’t watch the Prince Caspian but it didn’t really matter. Nice one.


This monday is great, I just had one class, which is my favorite class 😀 then after work, me and surprise,surprise, Hendra, watched Rapunzel. I was excited because the review for this movie is great and Udin said this one was good, coming from a guy who smokes a lot and riding vespa and wear boots I knew I had to watch this. So like Hendra was saying, ‘don’t ever make plan for anything, it lessen the fun’, we didn’t plan for this either. It has to be luck that we still got the tickets and a nice seat since the cinema was almost full.

The movie was funny! It’s different from the original Rapunzel, but it has great storyline and must I say more? I looooove Disney’s moviess! This one is my favorite scene! Flynn and Rapunzel riding on a boat to watch the flying lanterns. 🙂 It was soooo beautiful and um, weird to say this, also magical.



Ironically, just like the movie tittle, I found myself tangled in this stupid relationshit. Just as we get closer each time, we need time apart also to breath. We always drive each other crazy and sometime I did not find him amusing at all. Just plain annoying. *sigh*

monsters, ghosts and one rich man for a weekend

without any plan, me and Hendra watched this movie. It was rainy Friday night and I was soo fed up with works after 3 classes. So it was nice to have a movie night, and the movie we watched is about earth 6 years after alien came to earth. Human learn to adapt with it. The setting took place in Mexico and it really have a great cinematography and story.


anyway, in Saturday I met him again, he seemed to be in a good mood and when I made comment about this (I’m glad he’s in a good mood, but somehow it’s annoyed me), he said joking, ‘don’t make this saturday gloomy like last saturday’ .

as if it was my fault he was being an asshole last saturday. last saturday I was so effing mad at him for being a jerk, we were watching movie and he kept silence all night. At that time I really want to kick him in the crotch, well he apologized later, but how come  he blamed it on me that he was in a bad mood?

I said to him when we were watching Social Network on DVD, “you know what, Mark reminds me of you. In fact he just like you, you just do what you pleased and don’t care about other people too much.”

at this point, he just laughed.

Btw, Social Network is really a  must watch movie!! It’s good , good , great!

and just like proving my point, he selfishly stopped my Last Exorcism movie to watch Paranormal Activity 2. He just didn’t have the guts to watch this silly movie all alone. Anyway it has lots of surprising effect but feel too made up. But it’s not bad for a Saturday night movie.

okay, let’s go to bed (this movie scene gets to my head and feel a lil bit paranoid). To sum it up, nice weekend. 🙂