Kandura Cleaning Day!

Tisa and Nuri, Pak Ayat, apron on, ready to get dirty

me, looks like some crazy hammering on un-used biscuits

this what part of the workshop looks like

Bi Yati, strangely talking to Tisa’s ceramic sculpture

Where Tisa and Nuri works, gossip and play city of wonder :p

Tisa’s work for her exhibition on January

Still laughing, that’s because they just start..

Tisa’s work, a mini cute chair. I want one!

from outside the window, Tisa’s beautiful works, can’t wait for her exhibition!

my favorite place, the alley on their workshop.

Kandura, Christmas Day.


Endira and Kenny Exhibition

Endira and her works :

Kenny works :

Last Wednesday night I attended my good friend Endira and Kenny Art Exhibition at Edwin Gallery, Kemang, Jakarta. They are good friends too each other and both used watercolors.

The artworks are amazing, even me, an amateur in this artsy thing, easily love these pieces. (but loving something good shouldn’t be hard, right?).

Click here for Endira website.

and here for Kenny tumblr

Congratulations girls, can’t wait for your next exhibition! 🙂