The Great Gatsby Experience

Went to movie last weekend with H and I was excited to see that The Great Gatsby was on! Baz Luhrmann directed this movie and we just knew this when we saw the end credit title. It explained the ‘oooh’s and ‘aahh’s we made during the show! It was a perfect picture, the dresses, the hats, the music, the scenes, the houses (oh, the houses!), the lines. Everything was fabulous.

Prada,Brook Brothers and Tiffany & Co. jewelry created the actors’ and actresses’ costumes and jewelries¬†. In that movie all the guys weren’t ‘guys’ they were gentlemen. They way they dressed and spoke (and behaved). The collar pin, the leather riding boot, the casual three piece clothes, the colored suspenders. Oh, I pray to you fashion goddess so this style becomes popular among young men!

And the women, they were dazzling and beautiful and sad and mellow but in a sexy way. I loved Carey Mulligan’s accent, she was amazing.