Children Book: Ancient Egypt, Tales of Gods and Pharaohs

We know a lot about ancient Egypt but at the same we don’t really know about it. We’ve heard of Pharaoh and its curse, we’ve seen movies about mummies and the secret of pyramids, we are familiar with names like Ra, Isis, Horus and the famous Cleopatra. But where it all begin? And who comes first and who’s next? In this graphic book about the history of ancient Egypt, you learn about ancient Egypt in a funny and colorful comic format. At the bottom of each page there’s a comic about history of cats and why ancient Egyptians worshiped it. Divided into chapters of each pharaoh’s era, this is a good introduction for not only young learners, but adult too, into Egypt’s ancient history.

ancient egypt1

ancient egypt2
ancient egypt3

ancient egypt4

ancient egypt5

ancient egypt6

ancient egypt8

ancient egypt9

ancient egypt10

ancient egypt11

ancient egypt12

ancient egypt13


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