Children Book: The Absolutely Essential Eloise

How can you not fall in love with this naughty, chubby, straw-hair little girl, Eloise? Hilary Knight’s illustration for Eloise really brings little Eloise into life. It’s so full of character that it is impossible for other illustrator to create other Eloise. The book consist only in two tone colors, black and pink (black and blue for ‘Eloise in Paris’). The characters and the texts clustered together in all the pages, makes the reading activity a really fun one. I love Eloise!

eloise 11

eloise 5

eloise 1

eloise 2

eloise 3

eloise 6

eloise 7

eloise 8

eloise 9

eloise 12

when Eloise and Nanny visited Paris. She met Christian Dior and a dress was made especially for her!

eloise 10

eloise 4

Books: The Absolutely Essential Eloise and Eloise in Paris

Author : Kay Thompson

Drawings : Hilary Knight


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