Skyfall, visited

Spoiler Alert! 

Last night finally we watched the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. Before Daniel Craig, I wasn’t into 007 movies. Pierce Brosnan looks surreal as a 007, I think. It just seemed unreal that an agent can still look that good in the middle of gun battle. But Daniel Craig has given me new way to look at James Bond. He just gave sexy the whole new meaning. Casino Royale blown me away, I fell in love with Bond since that movie, although I have to say Quantum Solace wasn’t really my cup of tea.

Anyway, I’d been hearing lots of buzzes about the new movie and had to wait for 5 days before we actually went and saw it, due to the absence of my boyfriend to his home town. “Skyfall” surely sounds like something terminal, like ‘this is it’, but it wasn’t like that at all. The villain in this movie, played by Javier Bardem, was a lunatic who felt betrayed by M and did everything in his power to punish M. (The reason : he spent 5 months as a prisoner in China and when he decided to kill himself, the cyanide didn’t kill him, but his jaw melted resulting his revolting look if the synthetic gum was taken out from his mouth). During his capture, he realized : wait, why nobody saved me? oh I know, M gave me up! She betrayed me! (While actually, he did something wrong to cause that).

So the aim of James’s actions is to save M. Not the world. The idea I think was to stir James’s faith as an agent, whether should he believe M as his superior or shouldn’t he. But that would be too much problem, of  course he shouldn’t doubt her, and all the way he didn’t show any doubt toward M’s decisions. He didn’t do anything annoying like having a phase of self-doubt and starting to doubt M or the government, thank God.

Daniel Craig was the agent, who didn’t doubt himself or his faith, and didn’t make the whole movie was about himself. That what agent should do right? They work in the shadows as M put it.This was a great simple movie and for once, I saw a blockbuster whose villains didn’t have ambition to own the world.

Javier Bardem was brilliant, he sure looked like a lunatic (who wouldn’t be? tortured days and nights for 5 months?) and he was one of the Bond’s villains that stood up. I think he was more suitable for Batman’s villain, he reminded me of Joker in some ways.

Another surprising thing, there was no noticeable Bond girls in this movie. If you count agent Eve and Severine  yes you get two beautiful women, but  I don’t think they have the same portion as Eva Green in Casino Royale to get the title Bond Girls. Anyway, Berenice Marlohe looked stunning in her evening gown during drinks with Bond.

I like the scene when Bond disarmed and beat his opponent, Patrice. The background was Shanghai city light and the whole scene was astonishing, it was really smart and took advantage of the city most famous for: its lighting. Another scene was when Bond and M traveled to Scotland to visit Skyfall, it was so grim and bleak, I loved it so much. Other scene was opening of the movie, with Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ and the surrealist scenes. Loved it.

No gadgets and out-of-this-world technology you can find in this movie, instead it was actually used the technology men have been using for years: radio. (I loved Q!). For you who hasn’t seen this, go for it.


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