useless or useful?

In my class earlier this night, I used an activity for my students called useless or useful. Basically they have to think about 9 things to bring when they are stranded on a remote island. I divide them into 2 groups of three then after several minutes each group has to compare their list and have a debate which stuff they should carry, because then both of the groups can only bring 9 items. They came with funny items in their list, like Koran (which they decided to leave it for compass) and bed cover (because they refused to sleep on sand).

This make me wonder what my 9 items would be, here it is:

1. My boyfriend.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see him as an ‘item’ and no, I can live without him but here’s my reason: He can do all the manly stuff (like build a raft, hunt, make fire) and he will bring stuff I likely will forget (like knife, compass, ropes). Plus, he’s so dependable. I can lay there on the beach while he does the chores.

2. My dog, Lulu.

Well, when I’m down because – well, because I’m stranded on a remote island, I have my dog to cheer me up.

3. My flip flop

The most versatile footwear ever.

4. My laptop and the Internet

How else do I blog about my awesome cast-away/lost life? Although it’s going to make the whole stranded thing ridiculous.

5. My skin care.

My skin dries easily, plus I might get dehydrated and sunburn, I can’t live without my toner and face cream, sir, no!

6. Books

Do I need to give reason for this?

7. Shower puff

Seriously, how can a person pass a day without a bath and a shower puff? Scrub the dirt away!

8. Pen and Paper

Doodling and writing nonsense can be a good stress-relief.

9. Music

Sing and dance when you’re down and the rest of the day is going to be just fine.


There. Turns out I don’t really need my blackberry.


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