What I Remember About Mumbai

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I was lucky enough to visit this wonderful city last year, exactly a year ago. I remember how excited I was, ready to drown myself into foreign culture (how exciting). My first stop was Mumbai, where I met my friends, couple Wiwid and Indra. At my first sight into the city, I was already fell in love. Indian people are very nice, they’re chatty and helpful. I even got a new friend accompanied me from the plane til I met Wiwid on the airport. How nice of him.

I love Mumbai and how busy it was, how crowded and how lively the city was. There were people in every corner of the street! On the first night I arrived, they were getting ready for Divali festival and all the streets were filled with colorful lanterns! I couldn’t resist and bought one, hanged it on my room now. I had a reminder not to buy food from street vendors -which obviously I ignored completely- I ate everything! I love Indian food and despite the hygienic issue (come on, I’m Indonesia, who am I kidding?), they were very, very tasty, rich in spices, creamy and healthy!


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