Hi, people

ImageSo, here I am again. Moving blog to blog and I fall in love with wordpress one more time. 

It’s been more than a year since my last post and I notice lots of changes have been made in the wordpress’s dashboard interface. (Love it!!!)

Nothing change much in the last few months, oh yes, I cut my hair, the shortest I have ever been. I looked at a photo of myself that my friend took, I resemblance my 10 years old male student. Oh well..

I’m going to do CELTA next month, I’m really excited about this. CELTA is a course held by Cambridge University for teaching English as a second language. In the course, I’m going to work in a group and meet new people! The work is going to be crazy I hope I have time to post stuff. I’m going to live in Jakarta for a month, stayed at my Grandpa’s house.


The reason I first changed my blog was because I thought this blog was getting more personal and it’s not good. But then, nothing is good (nor bad) about writing your life in a blog. Yep, I got lots of badmouth about my writings but that’s the risk I was willing to take. (I also get lots of nice comments from you guys), so then I look back again at this blog and thought : hell with nasty comments, my blog is pieces of my thoughts and I should be brave enough to receive any comments. 



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