this pic is taken at Zara when we went shopping. We already shared the same zodiac, ego and must it be stores too?

Anyway, this is right before the huge fight. I remember that night clearly because we had so much fun. movies, coffees,shopping, and tried every hat on the store. We had fun and we kissed a nice good bye kiss and the next day I wanted to gave him a really really good punch in the face. I think of not using my hand, but something heavy and blunt.

I was extremely, sorry, EXTREMELY mad at him that I deleted him from my bbm contact list. Yes. That showed how much I MAD AT YOU. I didn’t speak to him for 3 weeks and completely ignoring him. Well, knowing his ego, of course he’s not gonna call me first either. Both of you are stubborn, my friend said.

well, if you want to put this into game, let me get this straight, I’m not gonna surrender.

and…. I win.

he buzzed me first, and I screamed ‘YES!’ then he texted me, then he called me, then he met me.

I knew he missed me. and he knew I knew that. he also knew I missed him too. and he knew I know he knew.

then, before I knew it. We’re back again at Zara and trying another stupid hat. yeah, so much for a winner..

Don’t get me wrong, I do still want to punch him. I know that we’ll get into another fight. Maybe. So all I can do now is, nothing. I focused hard on my job and try to give him as little as possible space in my brain.

I realized, he may not be here tomorrow. But I think what he didn’t realized is, I may not too. But for now, let’s behave like a proper 26 years old and just eat the damn sushi.

oh, and I have another blog, is written in Bahasa. so fellow Indonesian, find me. 🙂




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