time to say goodbye

on Januari, 11th, 2011 Irma’s father, om Beny, passed away. I always remember him as someone extraordinary. Big, full of laugh, loud,drive like there’s no tomorrow and always always protective about his girls (and his daughter’s friends also, he was once mad at me and Irma because we got home too late, and as Irma is my neighbor and I always drove her home, he told me that it’s not save for two girls driving alone in the city and I could tell that he was really worried about us).

When he and Irma got back from Sumatra, I remember that I went to their house and we ate a lot and lot Sumatran dishes. He smacked me hard on the back to get more on my plate. I had a good time and that was the last time I saw him.

He’s a good man, a good father and I really hope for the best for him and his family he left behind.

And as for my dearest friend Irma, I can’t say that I know how you feel because I’ve never been there, but you’re the strong girl who I once was always relied on, I know you will get better and you will be doing just fine. In the mean time, you got us.

this was the view I saw high up on the Light House in Belitung, the view was breathtaking and stood on such height and saw the endless sea, I felt small. But the sunlight was magnificent I thought, this must be peace felt like. I hope Om Beny, and my grandma, my uncle, Hendra’s dad and whoever we lost along the way, now have the peace greater than this.


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