she sells sea shell with a fiery red hair!

did I say I just love my new job? oh yes I did, but what makes some job fun is the co-workers. I have the nicest and funniest people here, I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying office life. šŸ˜€ Here’s my fellow teacher, Ophel, she just dyed her hair bright red. It’s sooooooooo coool, we call her hair fruity-like, I really want to do some daring color dye to my hair too! maybe for a highlight, let’s see.. apple green?

and this one is a beautiful shell from Dan, a fellow teacher from Aussie. He’s so nice that when I blurt to bring me some ‘oleh-oleh’ from his beach trip this holiday weekend, he bought me this shell. Put it next to your ear, and you can hear the sound of the ocean. I never had a shell this big before, so I look and look at this thing in awe. šŸ˜€ nice isn’t he?


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