thing that’s to cruel to say

yesterday, before meeting my friends, I visited my grandpa. He was this old funny man who love love love to talk about his old days. Yesterday he told me when he was in a war, he was 19 years old. I sit next to him in the big couch and he was talking and talking for about almost two hours. One of his story is when his friend died in his arm, and on his last breath he was saying my grandpa name. He was only 19 and he saw death took his bestfriend’s life.

when I realized this, I must say we’re lucky that we’re able to enjoy our days without death hanging over our head. Yet, we took that for granted. I said this to Nuy while we were having breakfast, you know those social network things is silly, why must it matters so much why we follow and unfollow certain people? and why must we unfollow or block some of our friends just because we dislike things that they do in real life? I personally think it’s okay to block or unfollow someone, but just don’t take it seriously.

then, we remember things that happen between us and our circle of friends, distrust and betrayal mainly about boys. One of my friend being told by her boyfriend to “just stop being friends with them and find new friends”.

I just thought, that’s a cruel things to say.

come on, between friends, misunderstanding happened, we did bad stuff to each other, we broke each other’s heart, we talk mean things behind our friends back but is it right to “stop being friends”?

I’m not being a drama here, but really, we ‘re lucky to be alive and sometimes we must appreciate things, like our friends.

Just thanked God they’re still here and just remember you’ll be sorry when you decided to “stop being friends” and then they’re not here anymore.


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