hamburger and fries, green tea latte and her company

Yesterday I went to Jakarta, attending a new store opening at Plaza Indonesia. But what I really looking for is to meet my bestfriend, Nurul. We ate at Kitchenette, hungry, I ordered one big burger and fries. It was great, having her to hear my rubbish talk was nice. She’s the only one who can get me. Do you ever have a bestfriend who can be mad at you but at the same time take care of you? if you do, you’re lucky. I’m lucky to have her. Specially at moment like this. There we are, sitting with lemon tea and green tea latte in front of us, talking about things and a little bit bewildered that future has so many surprises for us. we kinda swirl out of control and it’s scary as hell. as I sip my green milky liquid I said to her, ‘but at least I have you’.

oh yes, and I met Fahril and Edo as well. Edo as I know that you read my blog religiously, I hate to admit this but I’m kinda miss you and your evil comment on anything moving. :p you’re a jerk, but we’re all a jerk once in a while right? 😀


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