new hair, gifts and a girl’s pride

new hair.

I cut and permed (again) my hair. result = it becomes messy curly and I look like just got out of bed without my headband on. but I like it. anyway, I always love doing things with my look. My friend Nuy collects photo of me since highschool and we laughed at my past looks! I can’t count how many times I change my hairdo. Long and straight, long and wavy, short and straight, medium and curly, medium and wavy, bangs, brown, red.

Not only hair, I do stupid and crazy things too with clothes. My mom always complaint about how I mixed my clothes, but Nuy said this when she bought a top she liked (but not so sure it would looks good on her), “I remember you and I just bought it, I don’t care what other’ll think”.

True, I never really care what others will think, let alone hear their negative comments. Oh yes, I got that all the time. Believe me. But at some point, I just don’t care too much. So what? It just clothes. Most importantly, it’s mine. I can do whatever I want with it.

Speak of fashion, I just got a present, a super cool Mango capelet from Hendra. I’ve been eyeing this for months so it’s just great. It really helps since now it’s Bandung in rainy season and I’m using angkot and ojeg most of the time. Last saturday after work, I’m strolling down Dago street with my new capelet, it’s drizzled and wet everywhere. I love this kind of afternoon.

And gift. My mom said never received gifts from men, because it bad for a girl’s pride. I couldn’t agree more. It is true that girls like gift, and they like expensive gifts from men. But some men used this to get some control of the girls (and sad but true, but some girls can be controlled by things). So I have rule : never received gifts that you can’t afford by yourself. I can buy this capelet by myself, but I let him bought it from me. Just because it’s nice to receive things and to give things. It shows that we are two human being that needed appreciation and a feel-good feeling of giving gifts.

… I need ideas for christmas gift..


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