monsters, ghosts and one rich man for a weekend

without any plan, me and Hendra watched this movie. It was rainy Friday night and I was soo fed up with works after 3 classes. So it was nice to have a movie night, and the movie we watched is about earth 6 years after alien came to earth. Human learn to adapt with it. The setting took place in Mexico and it really have a great cinematography and story.


anyway, in Saturday I met him again, he seemed to be in a good mood and when I made comment about this (I’m glad he’s in a good mood, but somehow it’s annoyed me), he said joking, ‘don’t make this saturday gloomy like last saturday’ .

as if it was my fault he was being an asshole last saturday. last saturday I was so effing mad at him for being a jerk, we were watching movie and he kept silence all night. At that time I really want to kick him in the crotch, well he apologized later, but how come  he blamed it on me that he was in a bad mood?

I said to him when we were watching Social Network on DVD, “you know what, Mark reminds me of you. In fact he just like you, you just do what you pleased and don’t care about other people too much.”

at this point, he just laughed.

Btw, Social Network is really a  must watch movie!! It’s good , good , great!

and just like proving my point, he selfishly stopped my Last Exorcism movie to watch Paranormal Activity 2. He just didn’t have the guts to watch this silly movie all alone. Anyway it has lots of surprising effect but feel too made up. But it’s not bad for a Saturday night movie.

okay, let’s go to bed (this movie scene gets to my head and feel a lil bit paranoid). To sum it up, nice weekend. 🙂


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