it’s amazing..

1. that even I got 3 jobs I still need more money. I received my pay and then in the count of days I had to spend it for bills, bills, bills. I also get so easily distracted when I went to a mall. I guess my faith isn’t that strong when I pass cosmetic counters ( a green eyeliner oh-so-cool ), home appliances ( a cute yellow steam iron for my newly married friend, a burgundy towel for me), mango ( very dark blue high waist trousers ) and Zara (a leather string headband), Optic (contacts and drops), bookstore (new comic books, some magazines..). Why can’t I save more??

2. that when you say ‘yes’ to certain questions and ‘no’ to certain requests, you’ll find yourself out of your comfort zone into more comforter zone. I kinda disagree when people say things like, ‘you have to get out of your comfort zone’ made it sounds uncomfortable and of course lots of people will reluctant to do that. Who’s in their right mind want to get out from a cozy blanket to a chilly windy street to get.. what? experience? better self? I don’t do that, instead I just said yes to things I think I will like to do it. And then, I’m a zone – movers. I think you don’t have to push yourself doing something you don’t like just to be a better you, that’ll makes you a .. not so nice person?

3. how you’ll change your mind, you might hate what you think you’ll like, and vice versa. Years ago, I hate teaching. I always said I can’t teach and I don’t like kids. Look where I’m right now : cutting body parts flash cards for my children’s class game.

4. that when you work hard, and I mean hard enough until you catch fever and flu and sore throat, you will spend less time thinking about how hard life’s been to you. You will care less about boys, about your heartbreaks, about some friends who now turns to hate you or unfollow you on twitter. Your time and energy will be focused to more important stuff (do a lesson plan, wake up really early so I can teach cad to Om Taufik in the morning, don’t forget to download the hokey pokey song). It’s rather hard to stay mad or sad when you’re too tired to change clothes once you get home.



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