The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I watch this movie on Blitz, the only cinema who got a non-blockbuster movies, this is a Swedish movie and based on the book by the same title, at first I was not sure but the review was good so I drag Hendra to watch this with me. I told him, you know what I miss the most after we’re not together? watching movies at the cinema. So we went to one. I have a blitzcard membercard and my points is already reached 114 points (yay!) oh yes, I’m a points freak.

Anyway, he’s a good companion and the movie is great! It’s like a detective and thriller kinda movie (my fave), and the plot is thick. The main character Lizbeth Sander (she’s the one with the tattoo of course) is very charismatic and .. different. A good refreshing from a typical hollywood movies. It’s a trilogy, next is The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicks The Hornet’s Nest.






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