Inaff 2010

I watched Inaff (Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival) every year, and every year, I usually watched this movie fest with my friends Amet, Anggi and Nuy. But this year I spent it only with Amet, which is great because it’s been a loooooooong time since the last time we hang out together. Sadly though we only get the chance to go only on its last day, on last Sunday. (I did go with Hendra for The Girl Who Played With Fire on Saturday, but I just don’t get the festival spirit from him so that didn’t count)

I had so much fun on Sunday anyway, after a long chat over lunch, me and Amet watched :

1. The Girl Who Leap Through Time : A Japanese sci-fi drama based on a manga. About a 17 years old girl, Akari, whose mother is a scientist and found a liquid that can take you back to the past. After her mother got into a car accident, she asked Akari to go to the year 1972 and give a message to a boy, Fukumachi. But by mistake, Akari jumps into the year 1974. Realized she made a mistake, she must find this Fukumachi on the year 1974 and give him her mother message. She got help from Ryota a young amateur movie director.

2. Detour : A Norway (or Swedish?) movie about couple who have a road trip and become a target of some psycho who likes to abduct people in the dungeon and tortured them. A classic one and a little bit boring.

3. My-Ex 2 : A Thailand movie about a girl, Cee, whose boyfriend is cheating on her. Then, when her boyfriend’s love affair jumped from top of his apartment building, weird things happen to Cee and people around her. Too much twist but nice make-ups and effects. At the last movie, Tito and Mi-ink joined us, and I got a free ride home.


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