hello, miss…

o yeah, that would be me.

I’m the new teacher at TBI. How amazing is that?? Yesterday I met my new boss, and she was super nice. She showed me around the school, I met my colleague teachers, and the student advisor, the office helps, they’re all very nice. Then I observed a class, a teenager class and I must say, teenagers are challenging. Next Saturday, I’m going to teach two classes, teenager and children. Can’t wait!

Just today, I observed another class, and I met my new boss,Luke. How amazing is that I greeted a new boss with a wide stupid smile on my face? I’m just happy about everything, my new office, my new colleagues, my new bosses, my new students. I even don’t pay much attention on how much I get paid. Well, they’re the best english course in the country, so I get paid good. But really, I just don’t care that much.

And you know what, this is the 4th of November, and I just can’t believe that at the exact date last month I was crying my heart out and thought how can I face the next day without being sa-aa-aa-aad. Okay, just by writing it now I feel ashamed of myself.

When I sat on the class this afternoon, listening to my colleague teacher, David, teaching, I received a message in my bbm. It was him asking me where am I and what am I doing. And I just felt weird that I’m so happy sitting in this very classroom, and also it’s weird that I don’t miss him that much. It would be a total lie if I said I don’t miss him at all and I hope that jerk burns in hell and will die alone and of course, he would cry over his foolishness because of his stupidity in leaving me, and then he will begging for me to come back, but of course by then I would totally over him, and said, no thank you.

I still have that images on my head just to pretend that I will be okay. But then, I don’t care too much about those images anymore. I know I’m okay. He still a good friend of mine, I don’t hate him or anything, and I don’t know about the future, but what I know is, I’m happy. I’m content. I’m okay. I’m great.

Happy 4th of November! (Really, I should celebrate my break up day!)


2 thoughts on “hello, miss…

  1. I’m happy you are enjoying your new job. Teens can be a challenge I suppose. Do you have two new bosses?

    Thirty days is still not long enough to not be sa-aa-aa-ad! You will get passed this. Take care Chita!

  2. hi Tom! Nice to see you.. 😀

    yes, I have two new bosses, I realized I wrote it unclear, but too lazy to edit it. *bad blogger*

    30 days is still not enough true, but I’m glad I’m feeling okay now. 😀 thank you so-oo-ooo much!

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