music : Ariadhitya Pramuhendra

lyric: Yuchita Erayanie

Sparklesparkle by La Lune et le Café


it was yesterday, not like any other day

you stand in the doorway, peony and fuchsia

with two tickets of black and white movie

kisses and sparkle,

I’m falling for you.


it was this morning, like any other morning

you bring the coffee, bagel with strawberry jam

we sit in silence, but you always hear me

sunshine and sparkle,

you already got me.


life is just a life

now is what you think about

song is just a song

and everyday you growing me up


it happened last night, not a special night

you play the piano, sing it tunes by tunes

and left me wondered, will everything stay gold?

moonlight and sparkle,

you have the answer.


love is just a love

now is what you dream about

song is just a song

and everyday you growing me up

he added the words in italic and I’m not sure what are those means, but anyway Yay, this are my words on the song! I’m so excited hearing my lyric in a song.

and the name la lune et le café, means moon and coffee, those two are my favorite things,

sorry ndra, I took the liberty, you can’t uploaded things on web anyway.


6 thoughts on “sparklesparkle

  1. aw, thanks.
    Yes, I’ve been busy and neglected my baby. I used to sell those notes but the process really took a lot of times.
    I hope I can get to do it again, I’ll let you know.

    thanks a bunch, your comment made me want to do those designing things again!

  2. yeah pls let me know if u do!

    any other songs you do? Share with me! (by the way your friend the singer , has a great voice! It’s husky and draws people).

    P.S could you change my link in the blogroll to ‘whenpenmeetspaper’ instead? Thanks!:)

  3. done. sorry. I just like to put names instead of alias.

    he did wrote another song, I’ll let you know if I can upload it. I’ll let him know your comment on his voice. 😀


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