Indonesia unite. :)

recently, Indonesia got a really hard time with peace. Especially that caught the nation attention right now is natural disasters that happened one after another. Two days ago, my Twitter’s timeline is flood with all my Jakartan friends complaining about traffic and flood. Flood and traffic are one common thing in this nation capital, but wait, this kind of traffic jam and flood are stated to be the worst ever happen in years. One of my friends took 7 hours to get from office to her house, which usually takes about 1-1,5 hours. The other one had to paid about 150 usd for taxi. The government blamed the drainage system the city has, it said was built 40 years ago where there’s much less citizen and buildings. (well, of course the people blame the government for an unreliable city drainage, who else they’re going to blame? the rain?). Many lost their home because of the flood and needed to be evacuated.

then, the next day, a natural disaster happened in Mentawai, an island located in West Sumatra. An earthquake at 7.5 richter scale shook the island, a tsunami was feared was going to happen, there is warning for evacuation. But last night, the government stated that tsunami threat is not gonna happen, but this afternoon, it did happen. As I writing this, 108 died and another 502 are lost.

and then, another hours, a volcano is erupted in Merapi, Central Java. The volcanic mountain, Mount Merapi has been on monitor to be erupted soon, so there’s warning and evacuations by the government. But still, it took life. One baby is dead, probably because all the smoke in the air and other 15 are burnt bad. As I writing this, a journalist reported dead when he tried to help the victims. How many is dead and lost is still unsure.

this last years, we encounter series of earthquakes and floods. In Sumbawa last August, and the unforgettable is in Padang, last year where it took 1117 lives and caused great damage to the city. The biggest probably the tsunami in Aceh that caused by the 9,1 Richter scale earthquake in Indian Ocean, 2006. 226.000 people were killed and went missing in the disaster, more than 500.000 were left homeless.

At time like this, some said God punished us for our behavior, some said it was us who neglected the mother nature and too selfish to care, some said well, things just meant to happen.

I said, let’s be thankful for what we have. For our brother and sister as this moment maybe lost their families, crying for death relatives, starving for food, uncertain of the future because earth took their home, and hurt.

let’s be thankful and help. Fellow Indonesian can help by donate to the account numbers below :

Palang Merah Indonesia: BCA KCU Sudirman . Account number : 035.311223.3 a/n Kantor Pusat PMI

Act for Humanity : Mandiri, account number : 1010005634264 and BCA 6760302021 both a/n Aksi Cepat Tanggap



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