turkish apple and cinnamon mint

I just completed my course for an General Introduction to Teaching English, so, yay! The course took a whole week and I spent my nights to do the task given. I was exhausted but had so much fun. It’s the first time since I can barely remember that I was tired by something I love to do. My next goal would be a professional English teacher, so I have to practice more, thank God I have my kids.

I also graduated from my postgraduate school and now a master in design, which I did not attend the graduation ceremony, but not really care anyway. Earlier this week I also met my good friend, Ruddy, who just got back from Dutch and gave me this funny flavored tea (Turkish apple and Mint Cinnamon). We talked and had a really good laugh and at the end of our dish (exotic blueberry-thingy yoghurt and tuna sandwich) he told me that I was different from my peers. I did not see this coming and thought, is being different is good? I know he meant nice and he said that because he knew how I handling this post-breakup situation but did he know that I cried too, like every other normal girl?

But well, I’m not crying and not feeling sad at most of my times, so I guess, maybe I’m handling this right. I thought as I sipping at my minty tea, hey I can handle this breakup. Sure I miss him (not Ruddy, but him you know who), but I kinda forget about him when I’m busy. But just like that, he dropped the line saying he missed me. And I was so mad at him for saying those thing. How could he said that, so casually, so briefly. I wanna shake him and shout at him, don’t-you-dare!

I did not reply because again, I was hurt. If he only knew how hard it is to get over him, I had to do it again and again and again. Tomorrow, again, and when I woke up, when I had my lunch, when I’m with my friend, when I went to bed. I do it again, I emptied the well, again and again and again. Until I’m too exhausted and too tired to feel sad. And then, sometimes I forget that I was once so miserable.

So, please keep it to your own mind if you missed me. I did not need those rubbish from you. Safe it from other girls who will turns head over heels for your words, because mister, I am different.

to Ruddy : Thank you, I guess being different is kinda nice. 🙂 Let’s have another those blueberry thingy.





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