Life as I (and she) knew it

the question was simple, “are you happy?”

the answer was effortless, “yes I am”

and even though we’re smiling

and already put on those fabulous shoes and dazzling dress,

I knew what she knew too,

life is never been this hard.

as we sit face to face,

trying to said funny things and yes we smiled,

we also cried too when there is only moon hanging above us.

we know life is hard,

day by day went by and when the night comes

we knew we have to do it over and over again,

until there is nothing left.

when we were 15, we wasted our times

when we were 20, we thought we have the times of our life,

when we were 24, we thought we’re wise enough,

and now, we are 26 and why it felt that time moves too fast?

What her burden is I felt it too

What my pain is, I knew, she felt it too.

And we’re holding onto each other, trying not to fall deeper and deeper.

But as we know it,

like we know that the sun will shine tomorrow,

that God is Great,

that every breath we took is a bless

we know it too,

like how disappoint felt like,

how a shattered heart looks like,

and how sometimes our faith is not strong enough to save us.


Life as we knew it.





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