wedding and all that shananigans..

I hate organizing an event, I hate putting up with meetings and the people and coordinating and planning the budget, but it looks like since college I’ve been cursed with the task of event-head. From faculty graduation event which, ironically, I always responsible about the budget (aka : found the money for a stage and lighting where a band played to be cheered by drunk college student).

I have fun, but I did not enjoy it much. Well the cursed continue..

As I graduated, lots of my friends are getting married, lucky for them, my parents have this huge flower fields of various chrysanthemum and I can get access for low price flower in other variant, such as rose, lily, carnation, etc.. so they ask me for help in their wedding decoration and I’m glad to help them, especially if they can tighten the budget with my flowers ( the price in flower market almost twice the price from the farmer).

So, I end up helping my Wedding Organizer friends in the flower area, which end up in the decorating area too. I still don’t enjoy it much (me plus my organization things is crap) but every time I see the bride and the venue and all that flowers I feel some short of happiness too, glad that I’m part of this. And it is really worth it.

After 3 weddings, 1 siraman (a procession where the bride is showered and blessed by the family member), 1 small wedding ceremony, I’m kinda used to it. But earlier this year, my friend who used to hire me for help moved to Aussie, I’m back to square one in wedding area : don’t want to do anything with it.

But two weeks ago, I’m asked by my college friends to decorate their wedding and I can’t help the temptation with all the flowers and the rush hours (oh yes, I’m kinda miss it). So here I am, with my new partner, Manik, going back to wedding business. I hope I enjoyed it still. πŸ™‚

Chacha and Kemod’s Wedding , the bouquet is arranged by me. πŸ˜€

pic taken by Wesly.


2 thoughts on “wedding and all that shananigans..

  1. There is a good chance that you still will enjoy it. It may be a hassle getting back into the swing of things but if you really enjoyed it in the past, you’ll enjoy it again. If you don’t, you’ll know next time not to accept another wedding job.

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