If you’re watching SATC series, you know who Natasha is. Natasha is the girl who gets Mr.Big but she didn’t know that at the end of the series, Mr.Big is Carrie’s true love. That whatever she and Mr.Big have is just a temporary, because Mr.Big have this long history with Carrie and though he already married with her, a man can never really forget his true love.

so through ups and downs, at the end Mr.Big and Carrie get together. Happy end.

But what about Natasha? She didn’t do anything wrong, she just have the wrong man.

As I was sitting on my porch on a cold wet night, with my dogs running here and there, I read an email from my good friend I mention earlier. I first emailed her to say Minal Aidin in this Eid Mubarak, then I briefly explaining my situation with her ex. I also said that I’m sorry if I hurt her in any ways. She replied it nicely, she’s devastated, but she have a big heart and wish us both love. In the end of the mail, she also mention that though it’s been two years, she still can’t get over him, because to her, he was her Mr.Big , because they have this long history, because to her, he’s not just an ex.

I left wondering, am I just a supporting role in their epic love story?

Am I that Natasha?

If he was her Mr.Big, then to him is she her true love?

I then go to bed feeling completely stupid.


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