the comfort fashion

Recently, I become tired of the Levi’s I used to wear. Sure, blue jeans is a safe piece. It can goes with almost any tops and jacket, but it’s not really comfortable. This few months I visited cities like Jogja, Bali and Semarang, all with hot and humid weather. Jeans are not an option there, so I get out of my safe zone and trying to find other bottoms to work with the weather :

1. the comfortable pants : this very pants saved my days in Semarang, I feel comfortable all day long. This was a size bigger than mine but the string helps. I wear it high waisted way.

mark & spencer linen pants

mark & spencer Indigo Linen pant

and I bought this one also, this pants can be wear casually like the pic below, or if my way, high waisted and vintage belted with loose shirt. super comfortable and according to Nurul, this is the most perfect pants I ever wear. (thank God because the price was choking)

Mango pants

2. the summer dress : Bali is the perfect place to wear summer dress without bothering to cover your chest, arms (or even stomach and butt in some case), I bought lots of summer dress in the local market, they’re so cheap ($3 – $5) and very breezy. In Bandung, I wear them with jacket, cardigans and camisole.

summer dress for hot summer night

I wear this one for an art exhibition in Jogja, the night was so crowded and hot, thank God for my airy dress.

Gaudi sheer dress

I love this one, also in Gaudi’s but I didn’t buy it. Regret comes too late.

Gaudi flowery summer dress

3. the airy blouse

I have pieces of blouse, if not sheer then loose. They’re a perfect combination with high waisted pants and jeans. The look is casual, chic but effortless. This one below was the most amazing blouse I ever touch. It was so soft, airy and when it brushes the wind it flows so gracefully. I fall in love with this one and swipe my card to bought it (I know. ugh)

Mango Seda Silk blouse

4. comfort party dress : Kebaya sure an amazing piece of party dress that show grace and classy sexy. But wearing those delicate brocade and corset and batik that wrap your body so tight you wish you were a boy, sometimes are very tiring. So for my friend, Sally, engagement party, I chose this silk batik dress in pink hues. It’s loose but still show a womanly silhouette like the neckline, the wrist and ankles. Perfect and I don’t have to worry if the “I can’t breath” episode with kebaya will happen in this dress.

Rita Zola Batik

5. the comfort shoes : high heels are like the devil, it’s beautiful and sexy and appealing and OH MY GOD it hurts like hell!!! On my daily, I wear sandals and my Sanuk (bless the designer for this super comfortable sandals-not shoes), but for formal wear, high heels are what I used to wear, so when I found this formal-look strappy wedges I almost jump in joy. ( It goes with my pink batik dress).

Charles & Keith pink strap wedges

Sanuk Sandals, not shoes

like the saying, women looks confident if they feel comfortable in their clothes. Well, I don’t know about the confident, but I’m feeling un-stressed in these clothes and footwear.


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