hello september

this is the beginning of the rainy season, thankful of my leather jacket, I embrace the cold damp weather Bandung give.

oh yes, this baby is mine (to be shared with my sis)

this is the end of the holy month, I look back at the past and said sorry to some people I hurt, looking back, I really disappointed a lot of people. For that, forgive me cause I’m only a human.

this is the first post I write since my absence from wordpress, because things get ugly I chose to avoid it by writing in another anonymous blog (yeah,shame on me), but now I’m back and hopefully I have the positive energy I lost months before.

this month also, my bestfriend, Nurul is getting married. This moment teach me a thing or two. I realized best friend is not just some girl who you take shopping or gossiping with, they are probably the only one in the world who understand you better than your family or boyfriend.

me and Nurul

and this month, I have my first visit to Semarang city, the family who took me was wonderful, the city was beautiful (especially the Old Town part in Semarang), the food.. oh my God, the food was incredible. I love it there.

The Old Town, Semarang City

this month too, I have all my family member sitting in one table, feasting on Lebaran dish my mom cooks (yep, my mom cooks!) and we are grateful to have my sister back from Dutch.

opor ayam, sambel goreng ati, lodeh, rendang, oseng tempe buncis and of course, ketupat!

also, this month is the first time I feel comfortable in my relationship. Though it still unclear and uncommitted one (ha), I feel happy. I enjoy being attached and unattached at the same time. (go figure)

like riding this rickshaw, we enjoy the scenery and amused by little things. fun.

September used to be a special month. It mark something in my life. If I hadn’t had the courage to do the big change, maybe this was my seventh years together with my former boyfriend. But things change, he already has a new girl and I’m enjoying every turns life takes me.

So, maybe I celebrate for the change. Nothing can’t stay the same, things change, people change, even the climate change. But if you have a good heart, good things will happen to you.

hello september, hello wordpress! 🙂


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