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rainy wedding

I enjoyed being a wedding decorator actually. But the best thing is, I found the perfect partner. 🙂 Hello to us, Manik.

The wedding is beautiful, but all the pics here is taken by my blackberry so pardon the resolution, I post something much better later.

thanks to my partner in crime, Manik and congrats to the newlywed, Erika and Pauh

the after party

my bestfriend is married. I was so overwhelmed, I feel this is unreal and so real at the same time.

She was the one who sticks. I don’t have much to say except that I’m the lucky girl who have a truly great best friend. She just gets me. After the wedding party, our friends gathered together to have an after party for the bride and groom. But before the wedding, me and two other girls drinks for her bachelorette mini-party. 🙂 cheers!

Patio, SR 2002. 🙂

To Nuy : You always have me.

wedding and all that shananigans..

I hate organizing an event, I hate putting up with meetings and the people and coordinating and planning the budget, but it looks like since college I’ve been cursed with the task of event-head. From faculty graduation event which, ironically, I always responsible about the budget (aka : found the money for a stage and lighting where a band played to be cheered by drunk college student).

I have fun, but I did not enjoy it much. Well the cursed continue..

As I graduated, lots of my friends are getting married, lucky for them, my parents have this huge flower fields of various chrysanthemum and I can get access for low price flower in other variant, such as rose, lily, carnation, etc.. so they ask me for help in their wedding decoration and I’m glad to help them, especially if they can tighten the budget with my flowers ( the price in flower market almost twice the price from the farmer).

So, I end up helping my Wedding Organizer friends in the flower area, which end up in the decorating area too. I still don’t enjoy it much (me plus my organization things is crap) but every time I see the bride and the venue and all that flowers I feel some short of happiness too, glad that I’m part of this. And it is really worth it.

After 3 weddings, 1 siraman (a procession where the bride is showered and blessed by the family member), 1 small wedding ceremony, I’m kinda used to it. But earlier this year, my friend who used to hire me for help moved to Aussie, I’m back to square one in wedding area : don’t want to do anything with it.

But two weeks ago, I’m asked by my college friends to decorate their wedding and I can’t help the temptation with all the flowers and the rush hours (oh yes, I’m kinda miss it). So here I am, with my new partner, Manik, going back to wedding business. I hope I enjoyed it still. 🙂

Chacha and Kemod’s Wedding , the bouquet is arranged by me. 😀

pic taken by Wesly.


If you’re watching SATC series, you know who Natasha is. Natasha is the girl who gets Mr.Big but she didn’t know that at the end of the series, Mr.Big is Carrie’s true love. That whatever she and Mr.Big have is just a temporary, because Mr.Big have this long history with Carrie and though he already married with her, a man can never really forget his true love.

so through ups and downs, at the end Mr.Big and Carrie get together. Happy end.

But what about Natasha? She didn’t do anything wrong, she just have the wrong man.

As I was sitting on my porch on a cold wet night, with my dogs running here and there, I read an email from my good friend I mention earlier. I first emailed her to say Minal Aidin in this Eid Mubarak, then I briefly explaining my situation with her ex. I also said that I’m sorry if I hurt her in any ways. She replied it nicely, she’s devastated, but she have a big heart and wish us both love. In the end of the mail, she also mention that though it’s been two years, she still can’t get over him, because to her, he was her Mr.Big , because they have this long history, because to her, he’s not just an ex.

I left wondering, am I just a supporting role in their epic love story?

Am I that Natasha?

If he was her Mr.Big, then to him is she her true love?

I then go to bed feeling completely stupid.


twitter has become more and more dominant in our daily lives. we automatically tweet what we were doing, what we were seeing, what we were thinking, what our opinion against everything, when we were happy and when we were sad. It’s like we can shout out anything inside our brain and let other people read it. we become more open and more critical, which is good in this eastern manner, to say what we really want to say and to be more open in others critics toward us.

but sometimes people just abuse the use of it. we tweet unnecessarily things like, ‘good night I’m going to bed’ or, ‘oh my God, I have my period’. But off course, what people do with their tweet is not really our business. You don’t like my tweet, then feel free to unfollow me. It’s really that simple the rule in the twitterverse.

Though it’s really a dilemma if  you dislikes your friend’s tweet, say, your highschool buddies or your work relatives. I did unfollow someone because she is getting annoying with her constant tweet about robert pattinson and the twilight saga.

Now I’ve been unfollowed by one of my good friend. I’m going out with her ex and she didn’t like my tweet that said anything about me and him. It’s okay by me, I learn that people take and see things differently with mine. I thought it would be totally okay with her since they broke up almost two years ago and she had a boyfriend after him, I thought it would be okay because I’m okay with the fact that my ex now have a new girlfriend.

Well, in the twitterverse I have to have the big heart and said, ‘oh okay, it’s okay to unfollow me if you dislike my tweets’ but in real life I really miss her and wish things will be okay eventually.

photo taken after a nice dinner in some mall in Jakarta, felt like years ago.