love letter

I used to think maybe you loved me now baby I’m sure
And I just cant wait till the day when you knock on my door
Now everytime I go for the mailbox , gotta hold myself down
Cos I just wait till you write me you’re coming around

I’m walking on sunshine , wooah
I’m walking on sunshine, woooah
I’m walking on sunshine, woooah
and don’t it feel good!!

Hey , alright now
and dont it feel good!!
hey yeh

I used to think maybe you loved me, now I know that its true
and I don’t want to spend all my life , just in waiting for you
now I don’t want u back for the weekend
not back for a day , no no no
I said baby I just want you back and I want you to stay

hello, sunshine!

I love this songs since I heard it from one of Glee’s episode, I downloaded the original version by Katrina and The Waves and love it much more. Lately, I love songs that have word ‘sunshine’ on it. To me, it’s like a mood booster.

This song was wrote when relationship was determined by mail post. *gulp* I wonder the patience those old time lovers had when now, I will get anxious if my boyfriend* didn’t reply my bbm in um, 5 seconds. Connection was something very difficult to have back those days. How do you suppose to have faith in your lover when he only send you letter, like once every two weeks?

But I imagine, the thrill and excitement every time a letter was drop to your house. Maybe those piece of paper worth anything in the whole world. It’s very romantic and sweet. No wonder there are lot of oldies songs about mr.postman.

I think we less appreciate the connection we had now (proof : no songs (that I known of) about emails or bbm or messengers), we used to it, used to be connected and sometime took it for granted.

me : hi there

me : hey, what r u doin?

me : Oh damn it, what’s wrong with your messengers?

the next morning

him : sorry, I forgot to pay my cell’s bill.

me : why you did something stupid like that?

okay, so there is time we appreciate the importance of being connected. (when the connection is down)

* oh, I’m not really have a boyfriend currently, but that’s the way I act when I was in a relationship. yes, bitchy girlfriend I am.


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