secrets are best untold

having a large group of friends is fun, you always have them anytime you need a good laugh, and because of my friends I can get past my breakup and have a good laugh about it.

but sometimes it have the downside when you need your privacy. Not every story are need to be told. I don’t mean that I keep secrets from them, but rather ‘I really don’t wanna discussed this with you’ kind of story.

So this have something to do with the guy I’m seeing, but you know, I just don’t think it’s that important to be shared with my groups. Oh come on, I’m not seeing a tv star or else. I did told one and two my girlfriends about this, but you know, only the icing of it. So, the other two I did not share the story are mad at me.

One even mad at me because I said, ‘I don’t wanna share it with her cuz she’ll judge me’

And she is mad because I said she is judgmental.

This is getting ridiculous and stupid. I told her, ‘who wouldn’t judge? people judge’.

I said sorry and she forgive me, she said, ‘but don’t do this again, if you had something to tell me, tell it to my face, not behind my back’.

I just so awestruck she made this into her problems. I didn’t even talk behind her back. not once. I’m just having a good laugh with my other friends about this fling. and she is mad because she thought I accused her for being judgmental. oh, and she accused me for trashing her on twitter. What are we? High school girls??

I didn’t mad at her. I don’t really get why she is mad at me, it’s like she reconstruct some dramas inside her head about me trashing her. now who’s the judgmental? LOL.

She is a good friends of mine, so I love her a lot. I want to get past this, but for now maybe better to keep some distance.

Now, about my two other friends who is spilling the secrets.

Hey, I don’t talk to anyone else about your crush, about your affair, about your fling. True, we gossip. But we gossiping other people we’re not close with. I trust you with mine, and you spill it easily. (really, drunk is not good enough reason), I’m not mad at you girls, fully understand the urge to gossiping with friends, it is fun and I’m not gonna say it is wrong. And if you said sorry, with my heart I forgive you.

I don’t care about the so-called secrets.

I don’t care if the whole world knows who’s I’m going with.

I don’t think it’s important enough.

I’m just kinda disappointed in you. 😦

I only know one person in this world who will keep her mouth shut about my secrets. but she’s in Groningen and sometimes I just need my girlfriends in town.

bzzz! WRONG!


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