horoscope fool

I just bought Elle magazine and found a horoscope page. As usual, I always read horoscope section and I know it’s stupid, but I always want to believe what it says (though at the end of the day, I usually forget what it said about my sign). Here what’s written for Leo :

Your ninth house of learning is aglow and your mind is hungry for stimulation, so take time to explore and create. The new moon on the 14th will ensure that travel sets you in the right direction. Financially, Saturn is now back in your second house of earned income and will oppose Uranus by the 26th, placing unexpected stress on your bank account. Get past this date and you’ll be back in the black. Mercury will also be retrograde from the 18th until May 11th, so avoid expensive purchases, especially electronics. Next month will be all about career advancement, so this month use Venus tour of your reputation sector to solidify relationships with VIP’s and advantageous partners. In love, Mars is still moving through Leo, meaning you’re the star of the show. As if that weren’t enough, Jupiter, which rules your house of true love, is also moving close to Uranus, so love will strike like lightning.

Okay, beside the downside from money area (still don’t have a clue what those planets represents. What’s buying electronics have to do with Mercury??) the love area will make any single girl scream YES! I don’t know though why Jupiter rules Leo house of true love. But hey, the word TRUE LOVE is screaming we don’t really care about the planets.

This horoscope is for April. Now is April and based on this magazine, this is when I found my TRUE LOVE, then love will STRIKE LIKE LIGHTNING.

Now, this is this one guy I’m seeing a lot lately. I still don’t know if he is special or not. he’s been a good friend of mine since 8 years ago, we had a little fling way back then, and stay a good friend since. Now that I’m single and he is too, we’re going out a lot lately. Frankly, we both know, this relationship is a dead-end. (oh, he’s Leo too, by the way)

Call me crazy, but I see pattern in people behaviour based on their horoscopes. Like my dad and my sister, they share the same sign, Aquarius, and they both are very alike it’s scary. My bestfriend and me, share the same sign too, Leo, and we are so great with each other, we stay bestfriend for almost 11 years.

So, this guy is also under the same sign with me ,(okay I’m creepy and crazy) but I have the feeling that I know what he want and what he’s thinking. We both arrogant and we both hate trifling things in romance. I just ended a long term relationship and he is too (not as long as mine though). I swear to myself to never run for a boy, I don’t text first, or call first, or else first. No way I show my interest first. (okay, I’m just way too proud). This guy have a reputation for dating a lot of girls, but that doesn’t stop more and more girls go chasing over him. But I learn, he have those proud, arrogant, cocky attitude that  says ‘well, I like you, but I don’t like you that much to go chasing over you like some fool’. This what drives girls crazy. And as I lay it out to him, he laugh and agree.

But like me, he’s too capable in a long term relationship and can be very loyal. And like me too, we can not settle for something too toneless. And what’s more creepy, we both agree without ever speaks of it, that for now, career is way more important than a love life. Oh yes sure we need those stimulant to go through the day, and being there for each other is just fun sometimes, but not much more to say and we both understand (at least for now).

With guy like him, no way I always said yes. So I made him to say yes to me.

(and some ways, he made me say yes to him, that pompous basterd. LOL )

I know it’s not real, for we are just having fun. With him is like going out with a guy you already feel comfortable with before, and I know he feels the same way too. I hope it’s not going to be love because we are too lazy to handle those emotion flood.

But according to Jupiter, true love will strike like a lighting.

or is just a thunderstruck without love? hm.. (either way, we burned)


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