today, our friendship was put on a test,

I never had the courage to tell it to your face,

But I know, only from you, I can get my head straight.

This all was fun.

But I’m losing grip, and before I knew it, I’m falling deeper and deeper.

So I made up my mind to tell you my news,

And when I see disappointment in your eyes,

It breaks my heart.

I made you cry,

And I realized, I let you down.

You mean so much to me,

To still love me after all I have done,

To judge me but still defend me,

To be mad at me, but always worry over me,

To doubt me, but always believe in me,

To say ‘I don’t get you’ but the truth is you are the only one who can,

To be different from all the typical

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I never thought this would be easy, telling you.

But I’m not well, and I need you.

I’m not healed yet, but a dose of you every time I’m losing it,

Making me stronger than yesterday.

Thank you so much.

for Nurul Wardani,

my soul sister


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