a cup of hot tea and a sane mind

let’s forget the rules of attraction,

for a moment push that pause button,

throw away that self help book about the game of love,

if only once we’re honest, maybe we’ll save much time.

maybe the truth is, he’s just want to have fun,

maybe the truth is, she thinks he’s the one,

and if they play along, someone will get hurt, definitely.

lay your card on the table, put off your poker face, and say what you really want.

because some people who doesn’t know the rules, will definitely lose.

maybe when he kissed her he’s thinking about kissing another girl

maybe when she kissed him she’s thinking about a white house with two little kids

the next thing,

she found out he’s hitting on her friend,

he found out she’s a psycho,

and then, they forget why they attracted to each other,

she thinks : he’s changing, he’s not the sweet boy I used to know

he thinks : she’s changing, she’s not the fun girl I used to know

But the fact is, still remain, nobody is changing.

because they see what they want to see

hear what they want to hear

believe what they want to believe


I almost lose my mind over a boy,

almost lay my cards on the table,


but oh, to win the game one must lose a couple of rounds.

so maybe, this is my time.

all I need, is a cup of hot tea, and a sane mind.


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