where is the limit in off limit?

social rules are weird, who can not ever go out with who are the unwritten rules, yet if one disobeyed it, the punishment is isolated by one’s social peers.

Rule One : You can not ever go out with your bestfriend ex.

This the basic rule of friendship, which is almost normal to me. It will be super-weird to kissing a guy who kissed your bestfriend too. But hey, who we are to say ‘no, don’t you guys ever make out’ to a couple falling in love? Who knows this guy was your bestfriend’s love of her life, her soulmate even? LOL. I personally don’t buy that love stuff, and I might feel weird if my ex is going out with my close friend, but I won’t ever say no. The reason I break up is because I don’t want him with me, what reason did I have to ban my friend for having him?

Rule Two : have some single moment after break up before you seeing somebody new

If one disobeyed the rule, like having a new girlfriend right after he broke up with his old girlfriend, people will assume that he is cheating (which is probably true), and it will insulted the ex-girlfriend because she knew, even though he did not cheating on her, he already feel some interest in the new girl while they were still going out. I personally think, once you break up with somebody, it’s really none of your business who he’s seeing in the next hour. It maybe insulting, it may trigger anger, but still, not my business anymore. (the fact he run to another girl as fast as you say ‘goodbye’ really, a good reason why you broke up, he’s a jerk.)

Rule Three : Do not ever go out with your sister ex.

Totally agree. This is way beyond gross. super gross.

Rule Four : Do not ever go out with your relatives.

Although it is okay to date your cousin, but imagine how awful the break up will be. It’s not just about the two of you, but it may damaged the relationship between the families. Some people okay-ed this, but me personally, can’t even imagine holding hands with one of my cousins. It will freak me (and maybe them) out. LOL.

Rule Five : Do not ever make somebody you know from internet your boyfriend.

Did I need to say reasons for this? First, it’s dangerous, you don’t know him (is it really him?), you don’t know if he says is all true ( handsome 25 years old maybe a bald 48 years old) and relationship based on virtual world is better stay virtual. Do not ever made him reality, because even he is true to his words, think again, you have a boyfriend that half is your imagination. Not good, find one in real flesh and blood. go out. Oh and another reason, people will think you are pathetic. Please don’t do that to your reputation, girl.

Rule Six : Do not go out with somebody who have a girlfriend.

Do NOT. I repeat, do NOT. Girl, this is way beyond disgrace. First, you will hurt other person. And second, you go out with a jerk, don’t you get it? All things he says to you is lies. If he can hurt his girlfriend (by going out with you), what makes you think he will not hurt you in the future? (by cheating on you with other girl?). Please, don’t be that girl.

But all rules meant to be broken. This six are not exception.

In our life, we will encounter one or more case that disobeyed this social rules. So, I make a rule :

Rule Seven : Never Judge

This is the hardest rule to practice. I learn from experience, that by judging other person, you will get nothing on your benefit. So he’s cheating, and she’s having sex chat with some stranger on the net, and maybe your ex is hitting on your sister, and your bestfriend is having a big crush on your ex, or your cousin is going out with your other cousin. But then so what?

People bend the rules, it’s only natural

But we can’t say they wrong and bad and evil. I know person who cheats, maybe they have some issues with trust. I know a girl who dated online, maybe she have some issues with self esteem, I know people who found new girlfriend right after he broke up with the old one, maybe it is just meant to be.

Let’s skip the social pressure and stop putting people in boxes.


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