bird day afternoon

last week, I accompany my friend to the Sukahaji Bird Market, though my dad spent million times there, I never set foo in this place. So, I decided why not, maybe I could get a good shot of all the birds and chickens there. And not only a good shots, I had a great time too (not as horrible as I imagine a bird market would be), it’s crowded usually on Sunday, but on weekdays it’s relatively calm.

I finally understand why my dad love spent a whole day just sitting and talking with his peers about, well, bird. You can feel the passion of each man here, how they adore some little creature so much they want to spend a fortune on it. We visited kiosk after kiosk, and have a long chat with the owners about pigeons, starlings, magpies,cages, and more more birds, one guy even persist we visited his house to check on a starling that he acclaimed, ‘I only see this kind once in every 20 years’, the starling can says words, ‘papa mau kemana?’ (papa, where do you want to go?) and ‘mama mau kemana?’. The bird really entertain us. LOL.

inside the market

ugly duckling

mister rooster

in love

it's getting late

for more picture from my flickr click here

anyway, my friend bought me a blue black bird, the feathers color is deep black (like a suede) and metallic blue. I was awed when I first saw it. The guy who sell it says the bird name, something like ‘gogonello’ which I can’t find it in google. I guess it’s just a local name they have for the bird. And after an hour surfing the net, I managed to get the official name for the bird. It’s called Asian Fairy Bluebird (Irena puella) and it can be found in Himalayan, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Oz, my Asian Fairy Bluebird

I named the Asian Fairy Oz, from The Wizard of Oz and also short from Ocean (because its magnificent electric blue feathers).

So, to sum it up, it’s a great day at the bird market! I’d like to go there again in the rush hour! 😀


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