fashionable victoria

The Young Victoria (2009)

Directed by Jean Marc Valee, starring Emily Blunt as Victoria, Rupert Friend as Prince Albert and Paul Bettany as Lord Melbourne. This is the dramatization as Victoria first year as a queen, and the love story between her and Albert. Costume designed by Sandy Powell and from the beginning of the movie, we see the difference in Victoria’s gown. More light and cheerful color like light yellow with flowers when she was still a young princess and more sophisticated like deep green and purple when she was a queen.They have great cast and script, but what is really struck me was the amazing costumes, settings and the details in each movie. The costumes, the make ups and the setting make a perfect picture in every frame.

going to the King's Birthday

see how each characters costume in this scene is harmonious. Vitoria pale yellow dress and her mother lime green dress and Conroy deep green suit is in the same color palette.

walking in the garden with Albert and Dash

this is the scene when Victoria had a talk with Albert, who is told by his uncle to allure Victoria by having her favorites as him too , Victoria seems bored, but when Albert decided to said what on his mind, “I like Schubert, I know you don’t but I do!” Victoria smiles and says, “I don’t mind Schubert”. Albert blue coat, fur and scarf is matching with Victoria’s baby blue bonnet and turquoise ribbon belt. Victoria’s scarf is match with her silk embroidery dress and Albert’s hat. But what most important both costumes is match with the scenery. Gorgeous!

Victoria just had a talk with the prime minister

Victoria  beige and red stripped dress is in harmony with the room’s interior. Red velvet coach and gold furnishing, also the carpet and red and golden marble coffee table.

into an accident bump with Lord Conroy

The scene is took place in an empty hall, when the queen accidentally bump into Lord Conroy. The hall room is painted green with gold framed paintings, really match the queen’s deep green gown and gold jewelery.

The coronation

Here the scene is dominated with rich red, gold, white and dash of black.

with her mother and Conroy

these three characters outfit is in a beautiful color palette, the queen’s mother green and red-maroon stripped collar and belt is goes with Victoria’s pink-beige-light maroon dress and cape, and also with Conroy’s burgundy coat.  I love the colorpalette and also how the stripped pattern dress in both two women (three actually if you see the lady beside queen’s mother) didn’t clash but support each other.

the cast

Victoria  in her wedding gown. I also love the details in Prince Albert and Lord Melbourne’s outfit.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

The queen bright blue and white lace is a match with the prince dark navy blue suits and his blue collar suede. I love the details in prince’s suits and the queen’s jewelery.


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