mixed cd from my ex

cassette from my ex book cover

I read this funny book, stories from people about mixed tape they got from their ex. It’s like chicken soup but with no moral to learn, just that relationship fade and mixed tape stays.

I remember, back in high school I made one for my ex too. I forgot the song but he got me one too. I remember so much about him, my ex boyfriend. I was 16 and he was waaaay older than me. (save to say, I dated him behind my parents back). Not only he was older, he’s in a band (the kind where the vocalist doesn’t sound like singing, but screaming with anger to the world) he plays lead guitar, the band was kinda popular (I didn’t know this until we were going out and he said the band already had four albums), he had a tattoo, piercing (ears and yes, tongue).

I skipped my private lesson just to hang with him, upsetting my parents, got huge fight with my mom, and spent my teenage years loving him.

He is smart and love to read (he gave Sartre for my birthday) and always managed successfully to make me laugh. He knew I hate his music, and he just laughs when I pointed that out. We were two totally different person, but we’re connected. I don’t know what he saw in me and vice versa, because I knew this relationship wasn’t going to last, I love him even more. We used to take a walk, and talk. We met and then talk. I got home and then we talk on the phone some more. I never get bored.

But that was it. Maybe at some point he realized I’m just a girl and he is a man. We broke up on my first year in college. And like a young girl with broken heart, I cry and cry and then mad at him. Now he’s married and I’m happy for him.

Because of the book, I look at my cd rack, all dusty, and found one of his mixed cd he gave me. I think when he made the cd, he try hard to put songs I will like. And I did. I really appreciate the effort and that is why I think so much about him. The relationship ended bad and I ended hating him, but the years I go out with him I know he really cares.

CD one (I lost CD number two) :

1. How I Miss You – Foo Fighters

2. I’ll Miss You – Frente

3. Kiss Me -Sixpence None The Richer

4. King of Pain -Alanis Morisette

5.What I Am – Edie Brickel

6.Lover’s Rock – Sade

7. Whatever We Imagine – James Ingram

8. Commercial for Levi – Placebo

9. I forget the tittle and the artist

10. Forever Young – Alphaville

11. Somebody – Depeche Mode

12. Long and Lasting Love – Glenn Medeiros

13.Somebody (originally by depeche mode,sang by a woman which  again, I forget)

14. Shellshock – New Order


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