up in my living room

one day, not long ago

my city is washed with rain, I opened my windows to let the cool air enter.

I still glued to my laptop, and the guy that accompany me that late afternoon,

waiting patiently with a cup of hot tea.

I don’t know much about him, but if I think about it again, I know so much about him

Our relationship is, if I may say, a little bit strange.

I don’t need him and I know well enough, he get by without me just fine.

He lives his life differently with mine. I don’t know his friend or his family.

He’s the closest stranger I ever know, and I like it that way.

Long time ago, we share a moment. When we stand on a same spot, but not now.

When I saw him again, years after years, seeing him walking around looking at my family pictures,

doesn’t feel strange at all.

He said, “I feel comfortable around you, it’s like it was meant to be, being here with you, holding you.”

I never thought it, I said. I look into his eyes to find my answer, but yes maybe he’s right.

When he kissed me, he said, “don’t fall in love with me”

I laugh because that would be strange. The idea of we’re going together is just totally absurd even for my head.

I don’t love him, I even don’t know if I actually like him.

The rain still pouring and it seems will linger a little bit longer,

the house is empty and the only sound that break the silence is

Up score by Michael Giacchino on the piano.

“play that again,” I shouted from my study room. He obliged.

That moment, was perfect for me. I don’t know about him, but I know I shouldn’t care too much.

We are two strangers, and it will be better remains that way.

But that afternoon, the piano, the rain, the hot tea, the smile,

make me understand what comfort really mean.


it’s just too bad he’s not the one for me, as I for him.

I can never love him, and he will never loves me,

This will end when the rain stop.

But the rain lingers too long that afternoon.


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