the drink

call me conventional,


or not into the hype. Whatever.

But I hate alcohol. Because of my background, being a moslem (if you drink, don’t waste your time doing shalat five times a day for the next 40 days, it won’t accepted anyway) and living in asia (yes it hot and humid, we don’t need booze to warm ourself), I just do not see the reason why I should drink except in the case of life and death (I dunno, maybe I have a disease a vodka can only cure).

So I made my point, I don’t like to drink.

But here’s the thing.. I also don’t like man who drink (which is only natural I guess). I’m not trying to be judgmental because lots of my friends drink. On a party last weekend, my friend and me joining our peers on a local bar. I try (really really try), to play along and have a good time, but the minute I step into the place, I immediately hate it.

The place, the people, even the laughs is irritate me.

I last 10 minute in the place, before I storm out of the door (after some ugly drunk guy offered me a drink), and I said firmly to my girlfriend, “I hate it. I hate this place.” (well, it’s a garage turn into mini bar so no point for architecture I guess)

In the car, I thought why I hate it so much. I know it’s a sin, but it’s theirs not mine. So why it has to bug me?

Maybe it’s like you hate jeans-legging and when you found someone wear it in the street, you just hate her for her taste in fashion (I never personally hate my friends, they are super nice and great) but well, you gotta have some feeling towards the girl with jeans-legging (why, dear God, why you have to hurt my eyes with those hideous legging??)

And I don’t date man who wear jeans-legging. I mean, there is something really really wrong with him if he wear the jeans-legging and I don’t date him just because he have a rather ‘unique’ way to cover his legs (skinny jeans is almost a disaster, why dear God why, you can not chose between a jeans and a ballet outfit??).

I know crazy reasons people have to reject someone, from he doesn’t like my lizard pet to he doesn’t share my taste in Vietnam culinary. So my reason is actually normal enough right?


oh and drink.

No matter how smart, funny and gorgeous he is,

he’s not a keeper if he drinks and wear jeans-legging.

(okay, okay, don’t throw tomatoes at me, I know I’m lame, but well, at least I will date the other lame guy, which make us a lame couple, but which is okay, because he is super super cool to me)


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