sister to sister

breakups is like a virus, it’s everywhere.

My sister just had a break-up with her long term boyfriend, the whys is too complicated and too personal to share, but this situation which in much way is similar to mine, somehow make the bonding between us much tighter. I don’t say that we are not close before, but you know, tragedy put two person closer.

Thank God she have blackberry with her, so I’m available for her 24/7 (except when I forgot to pay my bill), but I’m glad she told me what she feel and ask my opinion about it. Well, I don’t have much wise word except, keep praying and praying for the best to come along.

But we both knows, that no one knows what’s future holds. We both have a long term boyfriend, a promise of marriage, we have no worry other single girls share about future husband. But now we do, and now we stepped in a road of doubt. Whether it is the right thing to do, or is there anyone will love us the way our exes did. Is there any man who know us well, and the one who with him, we can be ourself and feel relaxed?

She begged me to come over, I really wish I could.

I’m working on it, and all that we can do now, is sharing our doubts, our heartbreaks, our mistakes, our dreams via text. It’s okay really, I know she will be just fine.

People make mistakes, and maybe it’s just need a little ‘I forgive you’ to make things okay, but sometimes when forgiveness is not a solution, we have to embrace the fact that we lose things, we say goodbyes to a person, we move on, and we have to start over, brick by brick.

Somehow, things are a little bit easier when you have your sister by your side.

Someone who will not judging you for your mistakes,

Someone who will say I love you no matter what,

Someone who share a crazy parent and have the same life lesson with you.

I love my sisters, and for the times that we fight and argue a lot (yes, those teenager hormones), I’m glad I can make it now by being a good friend for them. And they are to me.

I never wish for a brother,

when I have two beautiful, smart and  fun sisters.

love you ty, cho.


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