scrapbook #1


anomali.kedai.nareswari.seruni.fahril.chocolate melt.seafood for dinner.avatar.cihampelas walk.amet.irma.highway.and yoga when you sleep

scrapbook page 2

enarldo.yuki.a case of exploding mangoes.cathedral.weslie& tji.ragusa’s ice cream.mangkok ayam.maria manik

scrapbook page 3

mama’s.nareswari.irma.yuki.ruddy.nuri.holland rose. teler 77.golden fiji.mybedroom.

scrapbook page 4

sasa lulu and polar.whitewindow.irma’s room.cold arum.gembong.rhily.tama.indra.wiwid.nurul.saska.mita.nanny’s.rita and ray.kartika sari.ruddy and anggi. nurulwardani and widyastuti.



it takes a right amount of laugh,

a right amount of ice cream,

a right amount of teas and coffees,

a right amount of friends,

and everything will be all right.



all photos are taken with my blackberry’s phone.


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