she look at him, the boy of her dream.

she could touch him,

feel him,

kiss him,

hold him.

just a step closer, an inch closer, then a heartbeat closer.


don’t make it hard, complicated, and difficult.

she said to herself,

walk with it, get away with it

and maybe, just maybe,

she will be happy.


she found him interesting,

the talk,

the laugh,

the dreams,

she found him right where she want him to be.


and yes,

from Rod to Ella

from John to Frank

from Nick to Kate

it’s just right, right and right.


but there is time, she thought, when the right thing win over the fun thing.

well, isn’t that what keeps the world spinning,

the reason we get up and work,

and reason why we smile when we don’t feel like it ?


another shitty days to pass,

another jerks to date,

another hearts to broke,

another dreams and another sundays.


and there,

at the end of the road,

he’s there.

and then, everything will be okay.



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