good morning

I hate this feeling,
That crawling like a poisonous spider at night,
Owning my mind,
Taking control,
Hurting him.
I love this feeling,
A small firecracker that burst in my stomach,
Making me grin,
Taking control,
Loving him.
And so I forget everything else,
but then who I can trust?
Fun over anything else,
It seems just alright.
And so I go with the wind
That sometimes roaming free to the sea,
Or trapped beneath a mountain.
It seems just okay.
Today the sun is shine,
Just like ten thousand morning before
And hopefully, thousand morning again.
And I said to myself,
It’s just another night
Another sleepness night,
Just a circle in my fine line.
And that’s all it takes.
And they say I’m good at not exaggerate feelings.
Hell, it’s only a feeling.
I get up from my chair,
And start brushing my hair.
-good morning-


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