agree to disagree

this week, I’m doing a lot of wedding stuff.  My two closest friend are getting married. I’m happy to help them through their hectic time preparing for the wedding. In our culture, it’s not just the wedding that need the prep, but also lamaran (when the boy family asking formally the girl family into marrying their son), akad (when the couple married, usually in mosque, the boy saying ijab kabul, a promise to Allah) and then, the reception (usually held in a wedding venue, with hundred of guests, a lot of buffet, a band and all the guest can say their wishes to the couple in the pelaminan (kinda like a stage), the couple and both of their parents have to stand up and greeting each guests).

the last one is the most exhausted one, and the last one is off course, where all brides wants to be perfect.

well, I dreamed about how my wedding reception would be ( a lot and lot of white flowers)..

anywayy.., the one girl is the one I was mentioning in my previous post. yeah, her. I know at some point, I will be helping her with her wedding. So, when she asks me to come to help her out for lamaran day, I agree. At first, I was nervous, aside from the fact that my best friend will be engaged in a matter of hours, I was nervous seeing her spouse. I don’t know how to react, told to be truth, never in my wildest imagination she was getting married with this guy.

but when I saw her,  hair already done and dressed in a pretty beaded cream kebaya, I know I’m glad I was here with her. This house kept most of my memories with her, her room, her parents, her maid, her brothers, her uncle and even her late grandmother. I realised, this is another moment I want to keep, my moment with her.

Then, after all guests are gone, after one by one her family was going home, she told me, explained to me, her decision into marrying this guy. At some point, I was disagree with lots of her points.

but does it matter?

I think I agree to disagree with her. She doesn’t owe me an explanation, or a reason, or a quote from the Qur’an (not that I disagree with that one), but this is the day when she was not one person anymore, when all her decision gonna include his decision, when she is formally belong to someone, and I don’t care about reason, or explanation, I just want to celebrate this day.

-you are officially engaged now. yay!-



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