ordinary is good.

if you like music,

you must know every cool music from jazz to blues, from rock to techno,

because if you only listen to top 40,

then you are common.


if you like reading,

you must know every pieces that won nobel and pulitzer, the great books by great novelist.

because if you read chick lit and harry potter

then you are common.


if you like movie,

you must know classic and indies, movies with bizarre language and angle.

because if you only watch blockbuster and teen movies,

then you are common.



I like common,

and if that’s make me unspecial,

I’m okay with that.

-girl who read shopaholic, watch 17 again and listen to justin timberlake-


4 thoughts on “ordinary is good.

  1. and if u like food, kau harus makan spageti di fashion pasta bukan di pizza hut

    chit kapan kita ke pizza hut lagi paket ber 2..hohohoho

  2. Chita aku kangen bergunjing denganmu. Mungkinkah kita bisa mengapdet gosip2 tanpa sedikitpun membahas t*s*s?

    Kalo hobi, golf and skydiving, jangan bergosip sambil nongkrong.

    Oh I’m so common. Haha.

  3. anggi!!! iya kangen puuun… huks, iya asal jangan membahas kata terlarang ituhh!!

    hehehe, btw.. gua kan mau ngasi notes buat dirimu!
    *promosiin ya*

    big kiss!

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